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Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese ancient art of massage with its roots in Chinese medicine. The touch used in Shiatsu is a calming touch that listens to what the client needs. You lie fully clothed on a massage table or futon and a mindful touch is applied in your abdomen area starting to relax your nervous system in preparation to what follows. The treatment will be a different experience for each person. A Shiatsu session involves rotation of joints, stretches and pressure along the energetic channels. The practitioner applies pressure with hands, fingers, elbows, forearms and feet depending on each case.

Shiatsu is extremely calming therefore it can help with stress and sleeping problems amongst a variety of other complaints.

My Shiatsu Massage is unique as it incorporates many years of practice with further trainings in other massage styles and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. My trainings in martial arts and meditation practices considerably strengths the quality of the Shiatsu I offer.


"Tania has been giving Shiatsu massages to me for most weeks for almost two years. She is very conscientious and professional.

I have gained from Tania's Shiatsu treatments in two particular areas. Firstly, aches (from sports injuries) in my knees or spasms in my back are minimized or eliminated by her treatments, to a much greater extent than through using a physiotherapist. Secondly, the pressures and stresses of my work are considerable, and I find her treatments very helpful from a relaxation/well-being point of view.
I unhesitatingly recommend her - she is excellent!"


It was a lovely session, and I really appreciated the care and sensitivity of the massage - you have an absolutely fantastic touch. I felt very energized the day after, and much more relaxed that week. My shoulders especially have been better since! Thanks again!

"Bodywork/massage with Tania has helped me to overcome severe backache during my pregnancy. After giving birth to twins I have found her sessions both physically and mentally invigorating. During the treatments I always felt at ease while a restorative force awoke within me making me feel whole and empowered again."

"Shiatsu with tania has helped me with severe morning sickness, I felt wonderfully relaxed after her treatments. She is very passionate and gives hundred per cent of herself."

"Tania's massage makes me feel immediately very calm. She takes the right amount of time in order to engage with mother and baby. It is a great opportunity to have a space to yourself where you can release any tension or anxieties you might be experiencing."


"Thank you for all the help the day Jack was born. I'm extremely grateful and couldn't have done without you." (Shiatsu for labour at St. George's Hospital)


"Shiatsu treatment with Tania was such a different experience from other treatments I had before. I enjoyed a great sense of well-being and drifted into a deep relaxation state. Tania's energy, warmth, and ability to connect with my body was amazing. I felt balanced and full of energy afterwards which surprised me as I was feeling tired and tense before the treatment."


"Thank you very much for the simply wonderful Shiatsu treatment. It felt fantastic! I think you have a real gift for Shiatsu. I will certainly be making a return visit"


"Thanks again, I can't tell you how much better my sciatica is now thanks to you!"


"You have magic hands. Can I take you home?!"


"Shiatsu with Tania has and continues to be very helpful with Chronic Arthritic pain in various joints and also with Migraines/Headaches. Also my shoulder and elbow injuries have improved and so my knees and back. Shiatsu induces a feeling of well-being and relaxation during the treatment and this continues afterwards with a cumulative effect over a long period of time."


"I have tried many massages over the years because of my backache and Tania's massage is the best one I had. She combines deep pressure like in deep tissue massage with a calming and very relaxing touch, the perfect combo."


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