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"Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul, be just another human soul." C. Jung

I offer my services as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Craniosacral therapist, Shiatsu practitioner and Psychotherapeutic Bodyworker, working in Earlsfield, Wandsworth, Wimbledon and South West London. Please note that Craniosacral Therapy, Psychotherapeutic Bodywork and Shiatsu are offered only at Earlsfield. My work as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor is offered in Earlsfield, Wimbledon, Wandsworth and South West London.

I work with individuals, young and older people offering short & long term Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Craniosacral Therapy, Psychotherapeutic Bodywork and Shiatsu.

I am registered with the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) and with CSTA (Craniosacral Therapy Association of UK)

I have worked as a holistic body therapist for almost 20 years in South West London, mainly addressing women's issues, using Shiatsu, Craniosacral therapy, Women's sexuality coaching and more recently Psychotherapeutic Bodywork. I have helped women to reconnect to their inner lives and bodies through body work and psychological process work. The main issues my clients bring to my consulting space are anxiety, body image, depression, pain, sexual issues and discomfort in their bodies, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, to name a few. I see my clients beyond the symptoms they bring, and actually I welcome their symptoms as a venue for their growth and transformation.

It might be that you are seeking a bodywork approach to deal with your issue. Or perhaps you really need to talk in confidence in a non-judgmental way with someone that can really listen to you and Psychotherapeutic Counselling might be the best way to address your issue(s).

Whatever way you decide to go about transforming your situation, I am happy to support you. Whatever it is the issue or difficulty you may be going through, reach out. Things can get better.

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Tania Gallindo is a professional Counsellor and I am glad I made the right decision to choose her as my therapist in a period in my life when I was struggling with my problems.
I've been in therapy with Tania for 17 months during that time she helped me to interact with myself using the psychosynthesis model.
First I learnt to explore my problems with confidence and honesty then I started to dig down into my past to discover the traumas of my childhood and that allowed me to love myself at a different level, by acceptance and forgiveness, which is definitely the best way to feel more confident and positive.
I believe that life is a long journey where mistakes and forgiveness have an important role in helping us to grow, and not just as a person but also as a soul.
A good therapist guides you during this journey and Tania has done it perfectly during the time we worked together. Tania is very friendly and careful about listening and understanding, she had the ability to discuss my problems without interfering in my decisions and to make me think about my choices.
I would strongly recommend Tania Gallindo to those that are willing to discover the strength inside themselves and the potential of gaining a healthier lifestyle.

I had Tania’s CST and shiatsu massage done, after which I had the best sleep at home and which gave me a good boost of energy for the coming weeks. Tania knows exactly what’s shes doing - she’s very focused and present - which can be appreciated during the treatment. She gives personalised tips, e.g. on how to increase your energy levels. Apart from being very capable and a true expert in her field, Tania is an extremely caring and thoughtful person. I came to her a few times and each time received all her attention and desire to help. It’s just a real treat to be in such good hands!
N. F.

I have had many treatments with Tania over the years and would say that she has an extraordinary gift and passion for healing, backed up by an in-depth knowledge of the human body and psyche. She cares immensely about what she does and is continually adding to her knowledge through study and reflection on her practice. I can’t recommend her highly enough. T.O.

.".....I left each session feeling like I owned a bit more of myself, and could actually change a side about me that I never really liked.
It's a daily exercise and a long path but something has changed inside me and I look forward to continuing the journey.
Thank you Tania, there should be more kind and beautiful people like you to make this a better world.''

".....often think about you and work I did with you. I'm a different person sexually as a result. I am so much freer. Thank you for your profound work. x " H.G.

"I am forever grateful for her ability to make me calm, comfortable and less anxious at a time which was very, very stressful for me!" Z.J.

Had the most wonderful sacral therapy session with the Earth Angel Tânia Gallindo this morning. Body slowly getting ready to explode open like a box of fire works. T.B.

Tania, you have amazing healing hands and such a soothing touch. I can't tell you how good I felt after our cranio/shiatsu session. Feeling unbelievably relaxed.
Many many thanks. P.L.

Tania is an exceptional natural healer with a beautiful calm approach. She very easily get in tune with your energy and works with it in an expansive way. I found her sessions healing, calming and enlivening. I highly recommend Tania's particular style of Craniosacral, which encompasses depth and years of experience. B.B.

Each of my sessions of with Tania was unique and profound in its own way, and I was amazed at how my body and self was being treated in the same environment, by the same person, yet each time was so different from the other, like a story that arose and expressed itself, then dissipated and released.
During the first session, as Tania began the treatment, I felt rushes of energy coursing through my body, a delicious pleasant tingling from the soles of my feet, up my spine and into my buttocks, then into my head and beyond. A feeling of healing energy washed through me during the session, and a deep relaxation.

In the second treatment, as Tania placed her hand over my pubic area, where I have experienced chronic long term pain for 3 years, an image came to me very clearly, of a newborn baby, just delivered from the womb, tiny and crinkled, and held in the arms of somebody just in front of me. I don’t know if I was the child, or if the child was mine. Then, the baby disappeared and an image came of hundreds of writhing snakes inside my body, a huge mass of intertwined serpents, a terrifying vision.

Then again, quite clearly, as my focus came to my yoni(Vagina), I heard the words “sorry, sorry, sorry”. The words and pictures came clear as a bell. That evening, I woke in the middle of the night, with painful prickling sensations over my whole body and pelvic discomfort, the resurgence of an old sympton that I hadn’t experienced in well over a year. There is no doubt in my mind that the treatment brought to the surface, and released, a layer of very deep healing.

As I meditated on the experience the next day, questions came up and passed. Whilst my mind questioned the “sorry” that was spoken three times, I acknowledge that it’s enough simply to have heard the words. And for the words to have been expressed. I don’t need to know who or what or why, but somewhere some time, something happened that shouldn’t have. And tears came in recognition of this. As the tears pass I became aware of a surge of strength, a strong sense of connection with self and I feel the deliciousness of being me, in this body, in this life. My feet feel rooted to the ground, yet I’m aware of my sensitivity – the yin and the yang. I feel present, noting the colour of the walls, the warmth of the blanket wrapped around me, and I feel a great peace within. I am love.

During my third treatment, my body felt stiff and frozen, none of the usual lovely tingles of energy moving through. I felt convinced that nothing would come up this time. Then as Tania placed her hand over my yoni (vagina), I saw an image of many bats, hundreds of them, fluttering and flying out of my body, as if they’d suddenly been disturbed. Like beating an old carpet, and watching the dust billowing out. I began to cry, racked with tears, and a huge sense of catharsis and release, followed by complete exhaustion. I had the strong sense that another shedding of old trauma had been released.

Moving into the fourth session, I felt a lovely completion. As Tania laid her hands on me, there was nothing dramatic, no images, no words, no extreme emotions. I just experienced a calm and grounded feeling, of being really connected and “in” my body. And the strong awareness that I am just a soul encased inside a physical body. My body and consciousness welcomed and soaked up Tania’s treatment, and I feel great appreciation that we were able to meet in this space and do such powerful work together.

My sessions with Tania were gentle, compassionate and I felt held in a very safe and sacred space with her, whilst we worked together. She fully listened to me from her heart, and to feel completely “heard” is a healing thing in itself.

I know that my sessions with Tania prompted a great surge of energetic healing, and emotions that were long held were released organically. And having been chronically unwell for the last few years it excited me to know that this treatment moved something very profoundly, away from stagnation into movement and flow

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