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Pregnancy Massage in Belsize Park, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy in Primrose Hill, Shiatsu Massage in Wandsworth, Earlsfield, Southfields,Wimbledon, South West London

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage is a deeply relaxing and nourishing experience for the body and soul. It helps people to deeply relax and release tension and stress from the body and mind. It can help transforming a range of conditions. "Tânia's Shiatsu is like a big, warm, and safe cuddle."P. T.

Pregnancy Before, During and After

If you are pregnant experiencing discomfort, pain, anxiety, fatigue, and various other issues related to pregnancy I can help you back to feeling well again. With Shiatsu Massage and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Perhaps you had your baby already and are now experiencing pain during sex because of an episiotomy or you are generally unwell because of a birth intervention that might have traumatised you. Some of the signs of trauma, which nowadays we know is not necessarily in the experience itself but in the response each person's nervous system has to it, are depression, irritation, fatigue, and no desire to get on with anything let alone look after a baby.

Why not to have perineum massage and avoid an episiotomy?

Yes, episiotomies can be avoided! All it takes is for you to massage your perineum and all around the entrance of your vagina on a regular basis. I offer one-to-one classes tailored to your specific needs. Perineal massage prevents tears during birth, healing faster perineal scar tissue and deeply empowering women in the process. Perineal massage with healing oils can also help to alleviate and stop the pain many women experience during sex due to an episiotomy.

Women's Sexuality

I believe that women's sexual energy is of major importance to a healthy living and goes beyond our limited societal view of it. There is a huge amount of healing to be done around women's sexuality which will revolutionalise how we define our femininity. Over the years I have developed a bodywork called Craniosexual®Therapy that supports women towards reconnecting to their sexuality and rekindle their libido at any stage in their lives. I am committed to walk along with you supporting, healing, and awakening your vitality, authenticity and joy, creating a better world for you and all.

There are various reasons affecting women's sexual lives, some are physical and a great majority due to psychological issues or a mixture of both. Craniosexual® Therapy aims to help you to reconnect to your sexual energy in a healing unique way and explore the reasons you might be experiencing pain, discomfort and a variety of conditions women often experience. This type of treatment acknowledges deeply your spiritual and psychological states as they all play a part on the conditions women develop.

Craniosexual® Therapy was developed by me over the years to support women's sexual education. It focuses in talking therapy based on spiritual psychotherapy, and bodywork based in Craniosacral Therapy and Shiatsu. It is a gentle and safe way to release trauma and support your own healing process and relationship with your body and sexuality. It is time we women educate ourselves about our anatomy, physiology and energy, especially of our vaginas as there is so much shame and fear about the subject. Your sexual energy is your life force which influences absolutely everything you do in life. I am passionate about this type of work which has been helping many women to reconnect to the root of their beings from where precious life emerges in a myriad of ways.

Tânia offers her services in the London SW areas and in clinics in Primrose Hill. She is also available for home and hospital visits.


Fees will vary depending on the treatment you are choosing, the duration and the location the session takes place. Here are examples on the fee range for shiatsu, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Craniosexual® Therapy.

*Shiatsu Massage and Pregnancy Shiatsu Massage 90min (1st session) from £110 to £135 and 60min £85 to £100
*Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 90min (1st session) from £90 to £125 and 60min, £70 to £100
*Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy for babies and toddlers 60min - £60
*Craniosexual®Therapy 90min £140
*Perineal Massage in preparation for Labour one-to-one Class 90min - £120

Block bookings discount available on some therapies offered for people booking 6 or more sessions. For more details please email Tânia at [email protected]

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I started seeing Tania when I was about 30 to 32 weeks pregnant. I consulted her for severe back pain, general discomfort and I was anxious about my upcoming planned vaginal delivery. Tania was wonderful, she was friendly, knowledgeable, kind and most of all she took the time to explain everything. Unlike some of the other therapists that I had seen, her pregnancy massages were exactly what I needed, firm, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable.
Some of the other massages I had tried were basically just oil rubs-so I was relieved to find somebody who could help me with my back pain (and didn't seem afraid to apply pressure because she knew what she was doing) and understood the general aches of pregnancy. And about 34 weeks we started adding perineum massages to my regular pregnancy massage. 

I saw Tania for a total of ten sessions, four of them post delivery with my baby son, who she gave a baby massage to and taught me and my husband how to massage him! My son also enjoyed his massage and slept better post massage and I have continued as I think it helps him relax, sleep and ease his gas. 

My post pregnancy massages were also excellent, with the tiredness, awkward position and breast-feeding- my postures were adding to my existing back pains so It was really really nice to have some relief. If I lived in the UK, I would’ve continued to see Tania and tried some of her other treatments. 
I believe that I did not end up with any perineum tearing because of the massages she did and taught me to do myself in the lead up to my delivery. 

Tania is wonderful person and I could not recommend her highly enough, she went well above and beyond what most therapists would normally offer and I hope to keep in contact with her and continue to see her for sessions whenever I am back in the UK.

I am forever grateful for her ability to make me calm, comfortable and less anxious at a time which was very, very stressful for me! 


pregnancy massage Belsize Park, Craniosacral therapy in Primrose Hill and Shiatsu Massage in Wandsworth, Earlsfield, Southfields, and South West London

Pregnancy massage in Belsize Park , Craniosacral therapy in Primrose Hill, Shiatsu Massage in Wandsworth, , Earlsfield, Southfields, and South West London

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