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Couples  and Groups Counselling. HEART

Couples and Group Counselling

“Therapy is inherently anarchic in its thrust, deconstructing dogma and hierarchy, and supporting personal empowerment and responsibility.”
Nick Totton, Not a Tame Lion (2012)

The focus on this work is on the way the couple or group (it can be a relative, parent, sibling, or a work colleague) is relating to one another. There is no blame, instead I look at "what is being" presented, which guides me to what is possible in terms of choice and change as well as how to address your unique situation.

The work is about re-establishing trust and empathy and exploring other possibilities that reinstates connection, understanding, passion and love. The invitation is for you to become aware of how you are creating your own relationship style. The idea is to trigger your curiosity on your relationship dynamics. I help married and single people, gay or straight and in polyamorous relationships. Whatever is making you miserable and threatening your relationship, I know I can help.

Couples come to see me because of:

Communication Difficulties
Difficulties with intimacy and sexual concerns
Lack of connection
Sexual abuse affecting your relationship.

Couples or group counselling, like in individual therapy you will need to see me every week for the work to be effective. If you would like more information or would like to book an initial consultation, please email me at [email protected]

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