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Psychotherapeutic Bodywork. With Julie Craniosexual (old) (old) (old) (old) (old)

Psychotherapeutic Bodywork

Psychotherapeutic Bodywork (PB) is a body mind psychotherapeutic process where you will expand your knowledge of yourself via embodiment, which means becoming aware of the sensations, feelings and thoughts surfacing for you during the work. PB is a type of body psychotherapy based in Psychotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Shiatsu Massage(for more details on my training go to About). It brings together physical, psychological, spiritual and energetic awareness through guided sessions and deep listening to your unfoldment, which is in itself healing.

As your awareness of yourself grows in this process, the way you experience an issue(s) starts to shift, which means you become aware of unconscious processes, how they happen, what they look like, and where they come from. Unconscious material or simply the unconscious, for better or worse, commands your behaviour on a regular basis. In order to shift your position or behaviour (anxiety, depression, fear, and many other issues) is necessary to investigate these unconscious forces and therefore increase the perception of yourself, which is always wider than what you imagine.

Sessions are 90min (first consultation) and 60min long and like in counselling and psychotherapy you must engage in your process on a weekly basis. For more details contact me at [email protected] to arrange an initial appointment.

Psychotherapeutic Bodywork. With Julie Craniosexual (old) (old) (old) (old) (old)

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