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Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle yet profound non-invasive, hands-on treatment for the whole body. With its subtle therapeutic approach, the body has an opportunity to realign and heal. There are natural movements and rhythms within the body which are orchestrated by organising forces, however for a variety of reasons these forces get compromised creating inertia, fragmentation, blocks and lack of flow in our systems, experienced as dis-eases by us. A skilled practitioner will be able to sense the disrupting movements in the body and invite it to start a process where corrections can take place. CST involves gentle techniques that involves deep presence and conversational skills that engage these organising forces in the body,

Much more than a mechanical approach with techniques, it is a therapeutic approach which relies on the therapist’s depth of presence to their client’s unfolding somatic expressions and rhythms. The therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is of major importance in facilitating and supporting the natural impulse of the body which constantly seeks health and balance. In this deep listening to what unfolds during a session the client’s body starts a process of correction towards a more coherent body/mind imprint which is inherent in all living beings. A feeling that you have been heard in the truest sense of the word is a common experience during and after a Craniosacral session.

It is performed on a comfortable massage table, the client is fully clothed. The treatment is focused on supporting the health of the whole being, and it is extremely calming for the nervous system. Its focus is on the existing health which is inherent on our bodies hence a type of therapy that can help any type of discomfort or dis-ease. Because it is so gentle and deeply relaxing it is the ideal therapy for babies, children, pregnant women and post-surgery patients.

This process may be short, may take a few visits, or it may take several months. The symptoms you are experiencing start to ease off and eventually tend to disappear.


  • Lower levels of anxiety and panic attacks
  • Relieves stress, balances the hormonal and nervous systems
  • Releases restrictions in the surrounding connective tissues (bones, cartilages, tendons,ligaments, fascia, blood and lymph)
  • Enhances organ function and increases overall vitality
  • It helps with schock and trauma
  • Resolves insomnia, digestive and menstrual issues
  • Helps people who are recovering from strokes
  • Supports women through perimenopause and menopause
  • Improves and enhances sexual energy
  • Enhances Post-Operative Rehabilitation.


  • Increases motility of the pelvis
  • Relieve of sciatica pain
  • It soothes back and pelvic pain, nausea, headaches, edema
  • Settles fears connected to labour
  • It enhances the fertility process
  • Relax the womb creating a more optimum foetal positioning
  • Stills the mind and deeply relaxes the body allowing for a deeper connection with baby
  • It can facilitated healing of your scar either c-section or episiotomy
  • Help in recovering from tears and stitches and reconnecting to your sexual energy.


  • It creates the right environment for trauma to be released
  • It helps to bring the skull bones back into the right shape
  • It releases shock and trauma from invasive procedures such as ventouse, forceps, c-sections
  • Supports breastfeeding and sleeping
  • It resolves misalignment of spine and head
  • Supports babies that are premature and babies experiencing medical conditions
  • It helps with chronic pain, neurological conditions and ear infection

  • Craniosacral Therapy. Cranio school


    Had the most wonderful sacral therapy session with the Earth Angel Tânia Gallindo this morning. Body slowly getting ready to explode open like a box of fire works. T.B.

    Dear Tania, H. has been so relaxed after her Cranio session and most importantly she has been sleeping in the night for longer periods than before. We are very grateful for your help and for following up with us to check on her."

    Tania, you have amazing healing hands and such a soothing touch. I can't tell you how good I felt after our cranio/shiatsu session. Feeling unbelievably relaxed.
    Many many thanks. P.L.

    Each of my sessions of with Tania was unique and profound in its own way, and I was amazed at how my body and self was being treated in the same environment, by the same person, yet each time was so different from the other, like a story that arose and expressed itself, then dissipated and released.
    During the first session, as Tania began the treatment, I felt rushes of energy coursing through my body, a delicious pleasant tingling from the soles of my feet, up my spine and into my buttocks, then into my head and beyond. A feeling of healing energy washed through me during the session, and a deep relaxation.

    In the second treatment, as Tania placed her hand over my pubic area, where I have experienced chronic long term pain for 3 years, an image came to me very clearly, of a newborn baby, just delivered from the womb, tiny and crinkled, and held in the arms of somebody just in front of me. I don’t know if I was the child, or if the child was mine. Then, the baby disappeared and an image came of hundreds of writhing snakes inside my body, a huge mass of intertwined serpents, a terrifying vision.

    Then again, quite clearly, as my focus came to my yoni(Vagina), I heard the words “sorry, sorry, sorry”. The words and pictures came clear as a bell. That evening, I woke in the middle of the night, with painful prickling sensations over my whole body and pelvic discomfort, the resurgence of an old sympton that I hadn’t experienced in well over a year. There is no doubt in my mind that the treatment brought to the surface, and released, a layer of very deep healing.

    As I meditated on the experience the next day, questions came up and passed. Whilst my mind questioned the “sorry” that was spoken three times, I acknowledge that it’s enough simply to have heard the words. And for the words to have been expressed. I don’t need to know who or what or why, but somewhere some time, something happened that shouldn’t have. And tears came in recognition of this. As the tears pass I became aware of a surge of strength, a strong sense of connection with self and I feel the deliciousness of being me, in this body, in this life. My feet feel rooted to the ground, yet I’m aware of my sensitivity – the yin and the yang. I feel present, noting the colour of the walls, the warmth of the blanket wrapped around me, and I feel a great peace within. I am love.

    During my third treatment, my body felt stiff and frozen, none of the usual lovely tingles of energy moving through. I felt convinced that nothing would come up this time. Then as Tania placed her hand over my yoni (vagina), I saw an image of many bats, hundreds of them, fluttering and flying out of my body, as if they’d suddenly been disturbed. Like beating an old carpet, and watching the dust billowing out. I began to cry, racked with tears, and a huge sense of catharsis and release, followed by complete exhaustion. I had the strong sense that another shedding of old trauma had been released.

    Moving into the fourth session, I felt a lovely completion. As Tania laid her hands on me, there was nothing dramatic, no images, no words, no extreme emotions. I just experienced a calm and grounded feeling, of being really connected and “in” my body. And the strong awareness that I am just a soul encased inside a physical body. My body and consciousness welcomed and soaked up Tania’s treatment, and I feel great appreciation that we were able to meet in this space and do such powerful work together.

    My sessions with Tania were gentle, compassionate and I felt held in a very safe and sacred space with her, whilst we worked together. She fully listened to me from her heart, and to feel completely “heard” is a healing thing in itself.

    I know that my sessions with Tania prompted a great surge of energetic healing, and emotions that were long held were released organically. And having been chronically unwell for the last few years it excited me to know that this treatment moved something very profoundly, away from stagnation into movement and flow

    Dear Tania, H. has been so relaxed after her Cranio session and most importantly she has been sleeping in the night for longer periods than before. We are very grateful for your help and for following up with us to check on her."

    "Craniosacral with Tania has been for me and my children a very nourishing experience that has helped us through difficult times. She is a sensitive, gentle and skillful therapist. Her ability to connect with the energy flow in our bodies cannot be fully described in words, but the experiences we had were exceptionally profound and positive."
    R P.

    "My daughter Olivia suffered from really bad trapped wind from birth and many people said that Craniosacral Therapy really helps with this and if not gets rid of it completely. I called up Tania and had a long conversation with her and immediately I knew that she was the right person to treat my baby. I sat and watched Tania do Cranio on Olivia and I was very intrigued how she reacted even whilst asleep. She spent a good hour on her and really connected with her. Tania also spent half an hour on me and she really made me feel relaxed and ease. That night Olivia slept 5 hours straight instead of getting up every 2 hours. It seemed that Tania had really released tension that she may have had. The whole week after Olivia seemed like a different baby, happier, relaxed and full of smiles. Thanks to Tania I now sleep during the night and am not so stressed myself. Highly recommend her service."


    "Tania my neck is so much stronger, it's nothing short of a miracle after 20 years of almost continual pain. I do believe that there is a little more work that is required on it but I rarely wake up in terrible pain, and I can rest on the side of my neck for a short period of time. The quality of my life has significantly improved, thanks to the 6 treatments that I've received from you, and I feel stronger and even more whole.


    "Just to say that you seemed to have worked miracles with Oliver who now is taking naps and only woke once last night since his Craniosacral session. Would like to book another session for both of us please. Many Thanks".


    "I think your Craniosacral treatment was so powerful for Both Jack and I, he has been much better since his treatment much more comfortable and far fewer digestive problems."
    Thank you again.


    "Thank you so much for yesterday's Craniosacral treatment, you are gifted...I feel like being reborn! Really there was a great release. I feel like a different person, thank you for facilitating this."


    "We both really enjoyed the treatment. We went for lunch afterwards and after that Katrina slept for over an hour which is a long time for a day nap at the moment, thank you."


    "Thank you so much for treatment yesterday…didn't sleep much, had so much energy! But feel good, and back is 90% better. I can feel how Cranio work complemented my healing MAP team."


    The treatment was really great, thanks. I felt so much better and more resourced since, even with the sleepless nights. P.B.

    Tania is an exceptional natural healer with a beautiful calm approach. She very easily get in tune with your energy and works with it in an expansive way. I found her sessions healing, calming and enlivening. I highly recommend Tania's particular style of Craniosacral, which encompasses depth and years of experience. B.B.

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