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Emerging Feminine Workshops. mulher no casulo

Emerging Authentic Feminine (Yin) Workshops

Do you worry about what others think of you?

Are you afraid of expressing how you really feel about things?

Do you often smile to others and accept what they say, instead of saying "NO"?

Do you often suppress feelings of anger or rage?

Would it be right to say, you have a pleaser within yourself?

Are you aware of an earning to be more authentic in your life and your relationships?

This is a women's group taking place every month on Saturdays from 5:30pm to 8:30ppm - maximum of 10 participants. For more details email me @ [email protected]

We have been taught well not to express our feelings or emotions and instead we develop consciously or unconsciously, a good behaviour to be accepted, "the good girl" syndrome. Be a good girl, otherwise people won't like you is the message, however as we journey through our lives we realise that it is all a lie. Our mums have passed on to us what past generations thaugh them. We couldn't vote before 1920, we were treated like children, with almost no rights. Nowadays, even though we have more freedom to choose (at leat in the western world), our psyches have registered our feelings of "not good enough" and many others that comes from many years of repression that have been passed on through the generations. Today the main critic lives within ourselves. Yes, we have internalised all the nonsense our mothers and fathers had to put up with.

What I propose in the Emerging Feminine Workshops is an opportunity to express yourself and to feel heard by the community. To work within a community of women can be extremely powerful. I hear on a regular basis women who feel completely powerless, with no idea of who they really are. The main worry seems to be, what others will think of me? "I can't say how I feel or others won't like me". More you allow yourself to be who you are, expressing yourself as exactly how you feel, more you feel stronger and in touch with the magic of what is to be alive. You stop attracting certain people that don't serve you at all. You let go of what no longer serves you, and in this process you open space to meet others who resonate with you and support your growth.

In the workshop we connect with the body and our breath through guided meditation, which is then followed with sharing with the main group, as well as in dyads and triads. This work is about allowing you to get in touch with your authentic self. The main subject we will be addressing is how to start unleashing your authentic self. The approach is based in psychotherapeutic/holistic view that there is more to us than meets the eye. Any subject you want to bring is welcome including, health, body, sexuality, desire, dreams, alternative medicine, life force and more. We will explore the inner child, wounds, the background of the pleaser and how you became one. I will recommend further resources such as books, films, and therapeutic approaches to support your growth.

The fee for the 2:30 hours £20, if you pay for 4 session, and £25 if you want to join whenever you fancy.

Sessions are held via zoom at the moment . For more details get in touch, [email protected]

The workshop was intense and growthful for me. I experienced your skilful facilitation as warm, rich and very available to any nuances of challenge that I, or any of the participants, may have come across. I had a huge emotional response to my infant abuse after the course.
Bless you for your sacred work darling-you definitely have a soul mission. I look forward to our next meeting. AROHANUI

Thank you so much Tania, I loved your workshop. I felt more connected to my femininity and thinking about it now that has carried on, I'm wearing my earrings again and more in touch with what I wear. I felt connected to dancing and the amazing meditation. I had always thought our private parts were ugly so there was a real transformation around that. The workshop was full of love and femininity and freedom of expression, I loved the freedom of expression. I loved our heart connection, I'm more connected to the heart. So many things. Thank you Tania - MB, New Zealand workshop participant

...The wonderful thing about this transformation is that it is permanent as far as I can tell. I approach everything with a new sense of worthiness as a woman and not as a “person”. It’s subtle yet profound in that the edges are softer but stronger, open not closed and the connections are heart felt not brain felt. This change has been noticed by my clients as we become more aligned. My business has exploded with “word of mouth” as I allow my intuition to work instead of my intellect. It’s a truly wonderful thing to be unable to explain why a healing takes place other than to say I “felt” it. I no longer am compelled to explain in scientific terms what happens with healing when the body is just doing what it knows how to do.
Interestingly, 75% of my clients are now women compared to 66% before the workshop. More women are coming to me with physical ailments that are related to stress and their role as women rather than physical trauma. Perhaps I am just more attuned to it or maybe they are but there has been a definite shift. Exciting stuff for the future! Thanks Tania.
C.F. Workshop NZ

.".....I left each session feeling like I owned a bit more of myself, and could actually change a side of me that I never really liked.
It's a daily exercise and a long path but something has changed inside me and I look forward to continuing the journey.
Thank you Tania, there should be more kind and beautiful people like you to make this a better world.''

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