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Sensuous Emergence for Women

This is a workshop for women who would like to explore their body, feelings, thoughts and emotions around the subject of sexuality.

What is sexuality for you?
How did you learn about your body?
Was it safe to explore the subject with your parents growing up?
How did you learn about sex?
How do you relate to your body?
How do you feel and think about yourself?

We meet once a month for 3 hours where we settle in our bodies using visualisations, meditations, and a variety of body and talk exercises to help you to connect to what is happening for you. The work is based in psychotherapy process work and bodywork based in mindfulness, somatic experiencing, Craniosacral Therapy and eastern practices such as Tantra and Taoism. This is a small gathering for a small number of women looking into learning more about themselves.

Sensuous Beings is a calling to something deeper in you that has been suppressed, shamed and undervalued. Discovering yourself totally in your body and spirit is the recipe for an awesome life, for you, your relationships and our planet. Coming together in that way is incredibly nurturing and self-empowering which is something so needed in the times we are living.

Date for next gathering.

September the 1st from 5 to 8pm - for more details email Tânia at taniaglindo@gmail.com


The workshop was intense and growthful for me. I experienced your skilful facilitation as warm, rich and very available to any nuances of challenge that I, or any of the participants, may have come across. I had a huge emotional response to my infant abuse after the course.
Bless you for your sacred work darling-you definitely have a soul mission. I look forward to our next meeting. AROHANUI

Thank you so much Tania, I loved your workshop. I felt more connected to my femininity and thinking about it now that has carried on, I'm wearing my earrings again and more in touch with what I wear. I felt connected to dancing and the amazing meditation. I had always thought our private parts were ugly so there was a real transformation around that. The workshop was full of love and femininity and freedom of expression, I loved the freedom of expression.

I am on a journey of liberation, truth and love. I believe Craniosexual workshop has touched and opened my heart. Opening myself up to more beauty and in that I can make a difference when connecting to other women. I loved our heart connection, I'm more connected to the heart. So many things. Thank you Tania


"... so many light bulbs are switching in my head! I had felt I reached a plateau with my personal healing and your course changed it all for me! Thank you so much!

“Thanks for a wonderful workshop! I loved the whole
energy of it. It exceeded my needs..…

“I felt in safe hands. We were respected and cared
about, and kept on track without dismissing anything
that was brought up”

“I have enjoyed the broad mix of activities and also
loved the softness of the approach - It felt
gentle, loving and safe.”


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