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Awakening and Healing Women's sexuality Coaching. Awakening women sexual feminine essence

Awakening and Healing Women's Sexuality Coaching

What is your body telling you? Are you aware of your thoughts about yourself and your body?

Conscious Sexuality Coaching sessions addresses the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual self. Sexuality is a lot more than just sex, it is a deep connection to your body/ soul whatever shape or size it happens to be. Inevitably how you relate to yourself, treat yourself has a huge influence on the people you attract in your life and how they treat you.

Yes, yourself, that's where all starts. If you are unhappy about how things are turning out have a look inside yourself, that’s where the search begins. It is a journey that you will take and I will support you in various ways. My facilitation and support comes from being present to your presence holding no judgment on your situation, honouring the opportunity to support you towards the light of your knowing.

In a session I combine talk therapy with body talk, bodywork of various kinds to help you to connect to your sexuality which is unique to you. By acknowledging where you are at without judgment or trying to fix you I will guide you through a journey of self-discovery. It is a powerful process where you get to learn about yourself deeply and connect to your sensual self.

What you will experience

*Feeling expanded and alive
*Connecting to your body sensations
*Discovering your authentic self
*Increasing your creativity
*Improving your sexual relationship with yourself an others
*Becoming more confident in your relating to others
*Adressing trauma and anxieties
*Awakening your sensuality
*Releasing tension from areas of your body.

Types of therapeutic process used in the session

*Body talk
*Guided Meditation
*Dance with specific music for a purpose
*Clay modelling
*Drawing and various techniques suitable and in accordance to your needs
*No intimate touch.

How I deliver the sessions

Long and short term face-to-face work. Short term Skype. Session is 90 min long (first session) and 60 min (subsequent sessions)

My fees

The sessions will be charged at different rates depending on location. For more details please contact me.


I recently had a series of Women's Sexuality Coaching sessions with Tania and just wanted to share my story to hopefully encourage other women who may be hesitant or think it is not important enough to focus on their own sexuality.   Initially, committing to the the two hour weekly sessions for four weeks seemed an extravagance of time, particularly with a toddler, but it has been the most worthwhile and enduring gift I have given myself (and in time, hopefully my daughter).
The subject of the treatment was to address my lack of libido, inability to orgasm and dislike of my body.  To be honest, this isn’t what inspired me to contact Tania.   It was only after I read more about her as a therapist that I became interested in what lies beneath all this, the sexuality and sexual energy of being a woman.  My hope was to finally feel comfortable with my body and myself to subsequently become a better role model in the future for my daughter.
I could not have imagined the experience of awareness and awakening that this process has given me.  
I have tried, with minimum success, various therapy over the years to improve my self esteem/self worth, so I find it hard to believe myself how after four sessions I feel so incredibly ‘womanly’.   It’s very difficult to explain this feeling, particularly without it sounding trite, but I feel I have discovered my innate and fundamental ‘womanness’. I feel like I have gone back to basics.   In my core I feel nurturing, calm, womanly, beautiful, confident, maternal, strong.    I realize that sexuality is not ‘sex’ but a sexual energy that allows you to feel empowered not vulnerable.
This wasn’t a quick fix, I’m not ‘cured’ but I have a new sense of who I am and that is a very powerful (and empowering) state to be in.
I had a wonderful connection with Tania, and although I don’t think that was unique to me, it did allow me to feel that I was in a safe, discreet and supportive environment.   I revealed intimate experiences and thoughts; some of her exercises pushed me out of my usual comfort zone; and our discussions challenged my way of thinking.   You can only successfully and comfortably do this with someone of Tania’s experience, openness and gentle nature. 
Not only a wonderful therapist, but Tania was a nurturing guide through this process.   I appreciated that she shared her own experiences and it seemed to me that she adapted her learnings to suit me as a person rather than following a ‘program’ so I felt like the exercises we did together were individual rather than text-book.  
I am so grateful to have been introduced to this treatment by such a wonderful and inspirational therapist and mentor.

"When I came across Tania's Sexuality Coaching sessions I felt that it could help my self-esteem and lack of libido but I thought I could never go through with it as I am quite a reserved person. But as this has been affecting many parts of my life I thought I should push myself outside of my comfort zone and give it a try.
And after meeting the lovely, kind and patient Tania at my first session it all fell into place in a very natural way. She has taken me in a journey of discovery, appreciation, mind opening and self love. Each of the sessions I had were totally different, from meditation, to craniosacral work, to dancing and expressing myself, visualisation and being present. One of my favourite parts was to meet my younger self.
I left each session feeling like I owned a bit more of myself, and could actually change a side of me that I never really liked.
It's a daily exercise and a long path but something has changed inside me and I look forward to continuing the journey.

Thank you Tania, there should be more kind and beautiful people like you to make this a better world.''

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