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Pregnancy Massage - Antenatal and Postpartum Care

Pregnancy is a very special time for women. Our bodies shift and change to accommodate a new life and in the process many women can feel anxious and experience discomfort of many kinds. However, you can choose to change this, and massage is an efficient way to bring you and your baby into a deeply relaxed state of well-being.

Massage can help you and your baby relax throughout your pregnancy and leads you both towards a more harmonious birth whatever the birthing method may be. It prepares you physically and emotionally for labour wherever it might take place. And it can help to soothe many conditions associated with pregnancy.

Shiatsu Massage for Pregnancy ( with and without oil)

After an initial consultation we will discuss the best course of action for your case. The massage is performed on a futon usually, where you lie fully clothed, unless we are using oils which then is performed on a massage table. Pressure is applied along the body in a measured way and I use, hands, arms, fingers and elbows to apply pressure along your meridians or channels of energy. Stretches and joints rotations are also used accordingly to the client's needs. My touch is calm and deep and I skilfully use my body weight to apply pressure along your body. The right amount of pressure is important to release restrictions you might be experiencing and improve the energetic flow in your body.

It might be that you are barely breathing below your diaphragm and that is causing the tension/pain/restriction under your shoulder blade, neck, lower back or anywhere else. During the treatment I will assess and address your breathing, using simple guided exercises which will also start the process of relaxation.

By breathing in a more conscious way, and driving the breath to areas where it rarely goes ignites a powerful process for the whole of your body and it sets the tone for the entire session. In a cellular level a message is passed on to the fabric of your body that you are safe and can relax now. Within a short period of time your body has softened enough in preparation for further bodywork therefore making the whole experience more pleasurable and effective. Not to mention that your baby will be benefiting enormously from this process too.

I have helped pregnant women suffering from a variety of conditions from sciatic pain to panic attacks. Please contact me for more details.

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Antenatal and Postnatal Perineal Massage

"There's a lot of unnecessary suffering occurring to women because of the use of episiotomies," said Carol Sakala of the Maternity Centre Association, a private, nonprofit group based in New York. "It's really tragic."

Even though the NHS now recommends perineal massage and instruct you on how to do it, women greatly benefits from having an skilled practitioner like me teaching you in a gentle way where exactly you should be touching. It is a process whereby you will increasingly relax and let go of tensions that most of us carry around our perineum and vagina not to mention the whole pelvic bowl. Consequently the area will also get a good supply of blood flow helping the tissues to become more supple and avoiding 2nd and 3rd degree tears. On an emotional level you will feel more in touch with your body and empowered by the process.

Research has shown that massaging your perineum from approximately 34 weeks into your pregnancy reduces the chance that you might damage this area during birth. This is particularly beneficial if you are having your first baby.
Postnatally perineal massage can be especially beneficial for women who has experienced Episiotomy. The massage will help to bring blood and oxygen to the scar tissue area bringing flexibility to the tissues hence resolving any existing pain.

The perineum is the area of tissue located between the entrance of the vagina and the opening of the anus. It is closely connected to the muscles of the pelvic floor which includes nerves. Much to everyone's surprise, episiotomy may actually cause, not prevent, pelvic prolapse and incontinence, exactly what it was supposed to help avoid. Cutting through the vaginal skin weakens this area and increases the likelihood that the skin will rip further down, possibly tearing into the anal muscle directly below the vagina.

If the skin stretches naturally, it is less likely to split apart, and if it does tear, the tear is likely to be shorter. Studies tell us episiotomy may actually lead to more damage of the anal muscles. If injury occurs, control of the anal muscles may be partially lost, and incontinence of gas or stool may result. For these reasons, it is probably best not to have a routine episiotomy at the time of delivery. There is also referred pain caused by episiotomy which is when you have an unexplained pain pretty much anywhere in your pelvis, internally and externally.

Another common problem for women that had episiotomy is painful sex or and a loss in libido. The scar tissue caused by an episiotomy looses its flexibility causing pain. If the pudendal nerve has been disrupted or cut a loss of sensation in the vulva and vagina may also occur. The pudendal nerve innervates in women, the vagina, urethra, rectum , labia, clitoris and many other areas in the pelvis, so perhaps it is a good idea not to mess with it.

Please do not hesitate to contact should you wish to find out more.

All the treatments above will be charged at different rates depending on location. For more details please contact me.

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Massaging Your Baby

I have been massaging my daughter since she was born and the closeness that this contact brought in our lives is immeasurable. Babies welcome this loving contact that takes place during a massage, they are thirsty of touch. The loving touch you do in baby massage is the best gift you can give to your child and yourself.

Not all of us fall in love with our baby’s straightway, it is a process that can take few weeks and for some of us longer, depending on various factors and what kind of upbringing you had. Baby massage is a fantastic way to increase the bond between you two and create a relaxing space for you to get to know your baby. The emphasis on my classes is on mother’s presence and the quality of touch, from there all good things come.
I offer one-to-one classes and small groups in the comfort of your house or at my studio. For more details email me.

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The treatment was really great, thanks. I felt so much better and more resourced since, even with the sleepless nights. P.B.

It was a lovely session, and I really appreciated the care and sensitivity of the massage - you have an absolutely fantastic touch. I felt very energized the day after, and much more relaxed that week. My shoulders especially have been better since! Thanks again!
J.G. (pregnancy massage, and perineal massage class)

"Bodywork/massage with Tania has helped me to overcome severe backache during my pregnancy. After giving birth to twins I have found her sessions both physically and mentally invigorating. During the treatments I always felt at ease while a restorative force awoke within me making me feel whole and empowered again."

"Shiatsu with tania has helped me with severe morning sickness, I felt wonderfully relaxed after her treatments. She is very passionate and gives hundred per cent of herself."

Silvania Kirchner,

"Tania's massage makes me feel immediately very calm. She takes the right amount of time in order to engage with mother and baby. It is a great opportunity to have a space to yourself where you can release any tension or anxieties you might be experiencing."

Magda Atwatter,

"Thank you for all the help the day Jack was born. I'm extremely grateful and couldn't have done without you." (Shiatsu for labour at St. George's Hospital)

Sandy Nielsen,

"Shiatsu treatment with Tania was such a different experience from other treatments I had before. I enjoyed a great sense of well-being and drifted into a deep relaxation state. Tania's energy, warmth, and ability to connect with my body was amazing. I felt balanced and full of energy afterwards which surprised me as I was feeling tired and tense before the treatment."

Federica Fiori

"Thank you very much for the simply wonderful Shiatsu treatment. It felt fantastic! I think you have a real gift for Shiatsu. I will certainly be making a return visit"

Annabel Hargrave,
Active Birth and Yoga Teacher

"Thanks again, I can't tell you how much better my sciatica is now thanks to you!"

Finnian Fitzpatrick,

"You have magic hands. Can I take you home?!"

Gilly Kingston,

"Tania has been giving Shiatsu massages to me for most weeks for almost two years. She is very conscientious and professional.

I have gained from Tania's Shiatsu treatments in two particular areas. Firstly, aches (from sports injuries) in my knees or spasms in my back are minimized or eliminated by her treatments, to a much greater extent than through using a physiotherapist. Secondly, the pressures and stresses of my work are considerable, and I find her treatments very helpful from a relaxation/well-being point of view.
I unhesitatingly recommend her - she is excellent!"

Clive Williams,
Business Entrepeneur

"Shiatsu with Tania has and continues to be very helpful with Chronic Arthritic pain in various joints and also with Migraines/Headaches. Also my shoulder and elbow injuries have improved and so my knees and back. Shiatsu induces a feeling of well-being and relaxation during the treatment and this continues afterwards with a cumulative effect over a long period of time."

Patricia Attwater,
Singing instructor

"I have tried many massages over the years because of my backache and Tania's massage is the best one I had. She combines deep pressure like in deep tissue massage with a calming and very relaxing touch, the perfect combo."

Ross Johns,
Garden Designer

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