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Craniosexual® Therapy for Women (CSXT®)

Do you need to connect or reconnect to your sexual energy? Are you experiencing anxiety about your sexuality and your sexual relating? These and other issues related to sex and sexuality are symptoms often of a broader picture. Together we will explore creatively, ways to transform it.

Craniosexual® Therapy (CSXT®) is a holistic body psychotherapeutic process where sexual issues can be explored using a somatic, psychological and spiritual approaches. It is based in Psychotherapy (Psychosynthesis), Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu Massage and Tantra with a strong spiritual approach to it, which means each woman will receive a treatment tailored to their unique needs.

The body carries vital information about you, the way it moves, your muscle tone, shape, breathing and subtle movements. Your life events become encoded in your body, which can be seen in the tension you may carry in your muscles and often restricted breathing patterns.
At the base of CSXT® is the creation of a safe space from which to explore intimate issues in trust and without judgment. It is unique in the way it brings together physical, psychological, spiritual and energetic healing through guided sessions and deep listening to your unfoldment, which is in itself healing.

All sessions are 90min long and like counselling and psychotherapy it requires that you engage in your process on a weekly basis.

Craniosexual®Therapy can support women experiencing a variety of issues including the following:

*Perimenopause and Menopause issues
*Painful periods, cramps and PMT
*Birth trauma - Realigning of the whole pelvic area as well as addressing psychological and emotional issues related to the event
*Post-miscarriage - Helping you to release grief and any other symptoms such as cramps as well as realigning your womb and pelvis
*Pain due to Episiotomy or Scar tissue - Softening and increasing blood flow in the area and improving malleability of tissues
*After surgery or medical intervention that left you desensitised in your Vagina - Reestablishing communication with feelings, thoughts and sensation in the area and releasing traumatic imprints
*Female Genital Mutilation (FMG) - Physical and psychological healing
*After a colposcopy - Healing of tissues, helping to avoid possible adhesion formations around the cervix
*After a Laparoscopy - Aiding healing after removal of an organ in the pelvic cavity or removal of tissues.
*Pain in the Vulva and Vagina (Vulvodynia and Vaginismus) - Helping to explore in a relaxing way further reasons of why it is happening
*Poor body image - Shifting conditioned beliefs about your body image
*Self-worthlessness - Increases Self- steem and self-worth
*Lack of Libido - Aims to restore the life force that is behind sexual arousal

Craniosexual®Therapy can also help with the following:

*Creating awareness of areas of the body that are neglected because of restrictive beliefs and conditionings
*Educating yourself about your own body, which is unique
*Creating more space, relaxation and awareness of your of your whole body and mind
*Softening of tissues, in your whole body and especially your pelvis
*Creating a more positive psychological/emotional narrative
*Improving self image, self-esteem and self-worth
*Relief of pain and tension in the pelvic area
*Internal body and felt/sense awareness that reframes the psychological/physical body
*Embodiment of your emotional, spiritual, psychological and somatic self
*Sensing your whole body in a new way with more freedom of expression
*Learning about your boundaries and honouring them

Craniosexual® therapy for women. With Julie Craniosexual

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