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Craniosexual ®Therapy for Women. Craniosexual Whole Health

Craniosexual®Therapy for Women (CSXT)

Craniosexualr® Therapy (CSXT) is an evolving holistic body psychotherapeutic process whereby sexually related issues experienced by women are acknowledged in a somatic, psychological and spiritual ways. Psychologically in CSXT® there is an investigation about your present life situation together with your general upbringing background. At this stage you get in touch with feelings and sensations as well as thoughts and images that had to be buried or suppressed. What were the stories you were introduced to as a child by your parents and what type of person you became to fit in or not to these stories. Equally important is to investigate your family's beliefs around the subject of sexuality and how that impacted in you growing up. What you had to hide and suppress about yourself and what type of person you became due to these experiences in your life. This psychological part of the work is supported by visualisations, guided imagery, gestalt work and more personal exercises that arise creatively and intuitively resonating with your unique situation.

The psychological energies or forces generated by thought processes in your life are bound to create an energetic charge in your body that will look different from one person to the other.

The body carries vital information about you, the way it moves, your muscle tone, shape, breathing and subtle movements. Your life events become encoded in your body which are seeing in the tension you may carry in your muscles and often restricted breathing patterns. Actually the events in our lives and daily living create patterns in our bodies that we have no awareness of until we start to investigate about them. In CSXT® you are invited in to your body with a healthy curiosity to pay attention to its sensations, movements and where your body holds tensions and how. Just by inviting this awareness precipitates the body to naturally release tensions and start a process of realignment and healing. There is no need to actually change or force anything in this process but for the therapist to hold you compassionately in a safe space where you have enough time to experience fully your process.

In this process the therapist's guidance is of major importance, by deeply attuning to the client's needs the therapist introduces the right intervention at the right time. For instance, it could be an invitation to breath more deeply in one area of the body or make a sound which aid further release of tensions in an area and the use of imagination through visualisations. In that release the client might experience memories, images and emotional experiences that weren't acknowledged or fully processed at the time of the event. Now these memories and emotions, some carrying feelings of shame, fear, sadness, humiliation as well as positive moments can be shared with the therapist in a safe environment.

Craniosexual®Therapy is an integrative method developed by Tânia Gallindo. It aims to address and release the shocks, trauma and developmental trauma that women will frequently internalise and are at the root of common symptoms such as pelvic pain, infertility, disconnection from (or tension in) the vagina and pelvic bowl, lack of libido and many more. This is a process where you and your body experience deep listening of yourself in a unique way.

At the base of CSXT® is the creation of a safe space from which to explore intimate issues in trust and without judgment. It is unique in the way it brings together physical, psychological, spiritual and energetic healing through guided and structured sessions and deep listening to the client's unfoldment which is in itself healing. An important aspect of CSXT® is that it is an exploration where therapist and client embark together on a journey to investigate and explore the client's life, however it not abides to a specific goal.

Craniosexual®Therapy can support women experiencing a variety of issues including the following:

*Perimenopause and Menopause issues
*Painful periods, cramps and PMT
*Birth trauma - Realigning of the whole pelvic area as well as addressing psychological and emotional issues related to the event
*Smear tests that left you in pain and traumatised- Softening and healing areas that have been approached in a rough manner
*LLETZ treatments - Healing of tissues, helping to avoid possible adhesion formations around the cervix
*Post-abortion - Helps with the uterine cramps and other symptoms related to it. Realigning womb and pelvis. It assists your psychological/emotional healing process
*Post-miscarriage - Helping you to release grief and any other symptoms such as cramps as well as realigning your womb and pelvis
*Pain due to Episiotomy or Scar tissue - Softening and increasing blood flow in the area and improving malleability of tissues
*After surgery or medical intervention that left you desensitised in your Vagina - Reestablishing communication with feelings, thoughts and sensation in the area and releasing traumatic imprints
*Female Genital Mutilation (FMG) - Physical and psychological healing
*After a colposcopy - Healing of tissues, helping to avoid possible adhesion formations around the cervix
*After a Laparoscopy - Aiding healing after removal of an organ in the pelvic cavity or removal of tissues.
*Fertility treatments - Releasing the body/mind stress caused by the IVF procedures
*Pain in the Vulva and Vagina (Vulvodynia and Vaginismus) - Helping to explore in a relaxing way further reasons of why it is happening
*Poor body image - Shifting conditioned beliefs about your body image
*Self-worthlessness - Increases Self- steem and self-worth
*Sexual Trauma - Releasing the trauma narrative that is printed in the physical, spiritual and psychological body. Physical and emotional rewiring of negative imprints
*Infertility - exploring the reason you are experiencing it and inviting your baby in
*Lack of Libido - Aims to restore the life force that is behind sexual arousal
*Difficulty in enjoying self-pleasuring or sex - Exploring what is behind this situations, understanding yourself therefore increasing the chance to restore sensation.

Craniosexual®Therapy can also help with the following:

*Energetic release of restrictions that might be causing pain, discomfort in a physical and psychological levels.
*Creating awareness of areas of the body that are neglected because of restrictive beliefs and conditionings
*Educating yourself about your own body which is unique
*Creating more space, relaxation and awareness of your pelvic area
*Softening of tissues, in your whole body and especially your pelvis
*Creating a more positive psychological/emotional narrative
*Improving self image, self-esteem and self-worth
*Relief of pain and tension in the pelvic area
*Embodiment of your emotional, spiritual, psychological and somatic self
*Introducing you to the magical world of your pelvis
*Sensing your whole body in a new way with more freedom of expression
*Learning about your boundaries and honouring them
*Learning about self care.

The steps to this work

The requirement to engage with this work is a minimum of 6 sessions (If you think this is for you, after the initial consultation) of 90min each which involve verbal psychotherapeutic work, physical and energetic evaluations and allow for an in depth exploration of the history, feelings and presenting issues you would like to address. Those sessions are essential to build the necessary trust and establish a safe therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. According to studies the relationship you form with your therapist is the most important common factor to successful outcomes.

The approach used in the sessions will be unique to each person. The sessions will include Psychotherapy, clothes-on-massage, breathing exercises, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and a variety of exercises and tools to support your process.

Craniosexual ®Therapy for Women. With Julie Craniosexual


I recently had a series of Craniosexual sessions with Tania and just wanted to share my story to hopefully encourage other women who may be hesitant or think it is not important enough to focus on their own sexuality.   Initially, committing to the the two hour weekly sessions for four weeks seemed an extravagance of time, particularly with a toddler, but it has been the most worthwhile and enduring gift I have given myself (and in time, hopefully my daughter).
The subject of the treatment was to address my lack of libido, inability to orgasm and dislike of my body.  To be honest, this isn’t what inspired me to contact Tania.   It was only after I read more about her as a therapist that I became interested in what lies beneath all this, the sexuality and sexual energy of being a woman.  My hope was to finally feel comfortable with my body and myself to subsequently become a better role model in the future for my daughter.
I could not have imagined the experience of awareness and awakening that this process has given me.  
I have tried, with minimum success, various therapy over the years to improve my self esteem/self worth, so I find it hard to believe myself how after four sessions I feel so incredibly ‘womanly’.   It’s very difficult to explain this feeling, particularly without it sounding trite, but I feel I have discovered my innate and fundamental ‘womanness’. I feel like I have gone back to basics.   In my core I feel nurturing, calm, womanly, beautiful, confident, maternal, strong.    I realize that sexuality is not ‘sex’ but a sexual energy that allows you to feel empowered not vulnerable.
This wasn’t a quick fix, I’m not ‘cured’ but I have a new sense of who I am and that is a very powerful (and empowering) state to be in.
I had a wonderful connection with Tania, and although I don’t think that was unique to me, it did allow me to feel that I was in a safe, discreet and supportive environment.   I revealed intimate experiences and thoughts; some of her exercises pushed me out of my usual comfort zone; and our discussions challenged my way of thinking.   You can only successfully and comfortably do this with someone of Tania’s experience, openness and gentle nature. 
Not only a wonderful therapist, but Tania was a nurturing guide through this process.   I appreciated that she shared her own experiences and it seemed to me that she adapted her learnings to suit me as a person rather than following a ‘program’ so I felt like the exercises we did together were individual rather than text-book.   The actual craniosacral therapy was blissful, but it was the conversations we had that resonated with me days and weeks later.
I am so grateful to have been introduced to this treatment by such a wonderful and inspirational therapist and mentor.

I often think about you and the work I did with you. I'm a different person sexually as a result, so much freer, such a profound work. x

".....I left each session feeling like I owned a bit more of myself, and could actually change a side of me that I never really liked.
It's a daily exercise and a long path but something has changed inside me and I look forward to continuing the journey.
Thank you Tania, there should be more kind and beautiful people like you to make this a better world.''

Each of my sessions of Craniosexual Therapy with Tania was unique and profound in its own way, and I was amazed at how my body and self was being treated in the same environment, by the same person, yet each time was so different from the other, like a story that arose and expressed itself, then dissipated and released.
During the first, as Tania began the treatment, I felt rushes of energy coursing through my body, a delicious pleasant tingling from the soles of my feet, up my spine and into my buttocks, then into my head and beyond. A feeling of healing energy washed through me during the session, and a deep relaxation.

In the second treatment, as Tania placed her hand over my pubic area, where I have experienced chronic long term pain for 3 years, an image came to me very clearly, of a newborn baby, just delivered from the womb, tiny and crinkled, and held in the arms of somebody just in front of me. I don’t know if I was the child, or if the child was mine. Then, the baby disappeared and an image came of hundreds of writhing snakes inside my body, a huge mass of intertwined serpents, a terrifying vision.

Then again, quite clearly, as my focus came to my yoni(Vagina), I heard the words “sorry, sorry, sorry”. The words and pictures came clear as a bell. That evening, I woke in the middle of the night, with painful prickling sensations over my whole body and pelvic discomfort, the resurgence of an old sympton that I hadn’t experienced in well over a year. There is no doubt in my mind that the treatment brought to the surface, and released, a layer of very deep healing.

As I meditated on the experience the next day, questions came up and passed. Whilst my mind questioned the “sorry” that was spoken three times, I acknowledge that it’s enough simply to have heard the words. And for the words to have been expressed. I don’t need to know who or what or why, but somewhere some time, something happened that shouldn’t have. And tears came in recognition of this. As the tears pass I became aware of a surge of strength, a strong sense of connection with self and I feel the deliciousness of being me, in this body, in this life. My feet feel rooted to the ground, yet I’m aware of my sensitivity – the yin and the yang. I feel present, noting the colour of the walls, the warmth of the blanket wrapped around me, and I feel a great peace within. I am love.

During my third treatment, my body felt stiff and frozen, none of the usual lovely tingles of energy moving through. I felt convinced that nothing would come up this time. Then as Tania placed her hand over my yoni, I saw an image of many bats, hundreds of them, fluttering and flying out of my body, as if they’d suddenly been disturbed. Like beating an old carpet, and watching the dust billowing out. I began to cry, racked with tears, and a huge sense of catharsis and release, followed by complete exhaustion. I had the strong sense that another shedding of old trauma had been released.

Moving into the last session, I felt a lovely completion. As Tania laid her hands on me, there was nothing dramatic, no images, no words, no extreme emotions. I just experienced a calm and grounded feeling, of being really connected and “in” my body. And the strong awareness that I am just a soul encased inside a physical body. My body and consciousness welcomed and soaked up Tania’s treatment, and I feel great appreciation that we were able to meet in this space and do such powerful work together.

My sessions with Tania were gentle, compassionate and I felt held in a very safe and sacred space with her, whilst we worked together. She fully listened to me from her heart, and to feel completely “heard” is a healing thing in itself.

I know that my sessions with Tania prompted a great surge of energetic healing, and emotions that were long held were released organically. And having been chronically unwell for the last few years it excited me to know that this treatment moved something very profoundly, away from stagnation into movement and flow

I had a Craniosexual Therapy session with Tania. The reason for my visit was to get myself in touch with my femininity and to release any tension I might have had in my pelvic region.

The whole process encouraged me to open up, I realised I had tension in different areas of my vagina and as they were released a sense of vitality and life force ensued. She also guided me to look at my own cervix for the very first time in my life. I particularly enjoyed the vaginal cranial work in this area which were deeply relaxing and serene.

Tania is a skilled therapist, sensitive and fully present in her approach. Her warmth and generous spirit made me feel instantly comfortable and her inquisitive nature has prompted me to also enquiry on my feelings, body sensations and thoughts making the experience for me extremely rich. I left feeling empowered, inspired and considering this treatment as a therapeutic process to have regularly.

The experience also made me think of the importance of this work for young women and teenagers. Its a type of work that increases self-esteem, self-confidence and empowers women through a felt sense of their own bodies. Women would less likely to experience negative sexual experiences and traumas as a consequence. This is how sexual education should be performed, in a positive way to empower not to scare.

Tania is an exceptional natural healer with a beautiful calm approach. She very easily get in tune with your energy and works with it in an expansive way. She is also gloriously alive and awakened to her sexual energy and gives permission to you fully express your womanhood. I found her sessions healing, calming and enlivening. I highly recommend Tania's particular style of Craniosacral, which encompasses depth and years of experience. Bayari Beegan

I heard from Tania’s Craniosexual Therapy through a friend. I was initially attracted to it on the grounds that it could help me to further my chances in getting pregnant. What is more my experience with sexuality has been filled with shame and traumas. I used to suffer with pain during sexual intercourse and I still find difficult to relax during sex.

After speaking on skype to Tania I intuitively decided to try Craniosexual Therapy. Tania is a warm and incredibly feminine lady who made me feel relaxed straightway. Her touch was gentle, sensitive and generous. The whole experience was very beautiful and thanks to her I felt very special in many ways.

After an initial talk and relaxing exercise she started to massage my body with oil. The massage was lovely and empowering even though she was massaging areas in my body that were very sensitive. Throughout the treatment she kept checking in with me and engaging my attention to what I was experiencing.

As the treatment progressed in a slow paced manner with Tania making sure all was well as well as tracking my sensations, she explained to me in detail where she was touching every time she moved her hands. Eventually I was aware of an area of discomfort in my my vagina. I had felt pain before in the past in the same area. A surge of emotion surfaced and I allowed it to be released. Tania talked to me in a reassuringly way which made me feel all was ok.

Tania started the craniosacral part of the treatment by holding the area in stillness I sensed a tremendous amount of activity in my lower tummy which Tania confirmed without me pointing it out. I felt I was under a process of deep healing where heat came followed by a softening and a soothing sensation, I felt safe.

The spot Tania had energetically contacted in my vagina brought a traumatic incident that I had experienced when I was 18 to surface. Having her fully listening to what had happened to me further helped me feeling seen and respected. The interesting was that while it happened the spot of tension in the area in question, felt like it was melting down.

At the very end of the treatment I had the opportunity to look at my own cervix. That was an exciting, very educative way to get in touch with an area most of us never see. I was in awe of the beauty within and together with the whole treatment I felt seen and empowered.

After the treatment on that afternoon I felt a heaviness and tenderness in my lower abdomen around my ovaries, suddenly I realised that they were realigning and that continued for a while. I contacted Tania and asked her if that was normal, it felt like my ovaries were talking to me. She replied: “what are they telling you?” And my answer was; “Slow down.” So she recommended me to follow my ovaries advice which I did. Next morning I felt very connected to my body, balanced, lighter and relaxed. There was a sense of expansion on the whole of my pelvis and my body, a wave of sensuality flowing through my whole body slowing me down beautifully. 
I am now a big fan of Craniosexual Therapy, a much needed work for women. It has given me an unique opportunity of connecting to my feminine body and to heal.

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