Tânia Gallindo RCST BCST Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu Massage in Wandsworth & Primrose Hill, South West London, and Oxford Street

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Tânia's varied training background includes Physical Theatre and dance where she trained while living in Brazil, where she grew up. Eventually she discovered her talent to heal people's aches and pains via her touch. That led her into studying 3 years of Shiatsu and 6 years of Martial arts with Senzei Ken Waight, internationally known Shiatsu, Acupuncturist and founder of Kitaido (Martial Arts) in London. While training in Shiatsu she started to practice Zen meditation followed by Vipassana meditation which she still practices.

During the end of her Shiatsu training she gave birth to her daughter at home, who enjoyed very much her mother's daily massage. To further her skills she embarked on a year PGDip course at Well Mother with Suzanne Yates in Bristol, internationally known Shiatsu teacher on the subject of Pregnancy, Labour & beyond, and Baby Massage. During the subsequent years Tânia trained also as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, and worked as a tutor at the school she trained, C.T.E.T..

The training in Women's Sexuality Coaching came after realising that many of her clients had sexual issues that went unacknowledged. The training was an experiential training which enabled Tânia to discover her own issues around her own sexuality and in the process acquire a deeper understanding and awareness on the subject, not only clinically but also spiritually. Since then she participated in various seminars and shorter trainings on the subject of women's sexuality. At the same time she started to research on the subject of sexuality, using the techniques from her trainings to approach the delicate and little understood by society, subject of women's sexual energy.

During her women's sexuality coaching training she came across process psychology work which complemented the work she was developing greatly. To further her understanding on psychology process work she started training as a Counsellor at The Psychosynthesis Trust in London (She is in her 3rd year - 2018) The result of many years of studies, and clinical research culminated with the creation of a body of work called Craniosexual Therapy for women with amazing results, helping women to reconnect to their sexuality in a healthy way. Tânia also runs workshops for bodyworkers and therapists on the subject of women's sexuality from time to time.


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