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About Tania. Vipassana

About me

My knowledge and experience encompass the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, birth and women's sexuality. I am fully qualified in Craniosacral Therapy (2 years training CTET), Shiatsu Massage (3 years training ESSM) and Shiatsu Massage for Maternity Care (1year Post-grad Well Mother) an excellent course with Suzanne Yates at Well Mother . In order to enhance my skills I am continuously attending courses that are relevant to my work. Lately, I have been attending courses in visceral manipulation with The Barral Institute.

I have trained with various teachers on the subject of tantra, taoism and conscious sexuality. More recently I participated in a year’s coach training on the subject of Awakening Women’s Sexuality with Shakti Malan where the subject of sexuality was approached via experiential work based in psychology process work, meditations and taoism. Through this work I realised the influence the psychological has in ourselves. That has inspired me to further train in psychotherapy. I am attending to the psychospiritual counselling training with the Psychosynthesis Trust (3 years), I am on my second year now (2017). It is a grounding and well held training which has been informing my work deeply.

Craniosexual Therapy has been developed by me over the past 6 years to help women to heal from birth trauma and medical interventions trauma and connect with their sexuality in a healthy way. A lot of women go through unnecessary suffering during birth and afterwards due to ignorance of a system that insists in treating us like machines. My work invites women to deeply relax and reconnect to their bodies as temples. In other words once you learn to deeply respect yourself you no longer allow others to mistreat you, be whoever they are.
I, myself had some negative experiences during my pregnancy however something inside myself woke up leading me to research about it. More I discovered about my body and the way institutions such as hospitals treat women more scared I became. Over the years I have listened to many women's stories about mistreatments such as unnecessary episiotomies or badly performed ones, placentas left inside the womb after C-sections, no information about sex after birth and so on. I love to be able to support and educate women about their bodies and connect them with their intuition or what I call higher intelligence.

I am forever grateful to my father whom infused my life with joy, loving touch and so much fun. To my mother I am grateful for instilling in me a fearlessness to face life and pursue my dreams.


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