Tânia Gallindo RCST BCST Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu Massage, Tantric touch for Women in Wandsworth, South West London, Covent Garden and Oxford Street

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Supporting women for over 15 years

psychosexual bodywork wimbledon, pregnancy massage oxford circus, Craniosacral therapy tantric massage in Wandsworth, Bond street, Covent Garden, Earlsfield, Southfields,Wimbledon, Clapham and South West London

Welcome to my site, it is a pleasure to be of service to you!

My work is about empowering women holistically by helping them to connect with their life force and vitality in their bodies at any stage in their lives. It is my passion to guide you through this process. For testimonials on my services please scroll down on each page to the respective service you are interested.

Should you like to find out more about my work and what service would be more suitable for you, contact me to arrange a free 15min call.

What I offer

I am a bodyworker qualified in Shiatsu Massage, with a Post-grad in Maternity Care, and a Craniosacral Therapist especialising in Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum healing. I will look after your needs before, during and after your pregnancy. My sessions include Shiatsu Massage ,Tantric touch techniques, Perineal Massage, Scar Tissue Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Awakening Women's Sexuality Sessions and Craniosexual®Therapy.

My Story

My own pregnancy helped me to understand the magnitude of the event. I was 37 when I had my daughter and back then I was told by my GP I couldn't have a home birth because of my age. In the end with the help of private midwives as I went ahead with my home birth plan and gave birth to my daughter at home. Although my daughter was a 4 kilos baby I only had a small tear thanks to that amazing internal work I received during my pregnancy. I was very lucky to be introduced by my midwives to perineal massage in 2001.

Even though the NHS now recommends perineal massage and instruct you on how to do it, women greatly benefits from having an skilled practitioner like me performing it and teaching you in a gentle way where exactly you are being touched. It is a process whereby you will increasingly relax and let go of tensions that most of us carry around our perineum and vagina. Consequently the area will also get a good supply of blood flow helping the tissue to became more supple and avoiding 2nd and 3rd degree tears. On an emotional level you will feel more in touch with your body and empowered by the process.

My Clients

I have seen clients suffering from the side effects of an episiotomy which includes: damage to the anal sphincter, causing feacal incontinence, referred pain and continual pain during sex. Women don't talk about it to each other because of the embarrassment due to the nature of the subject which is pretty much still a taboo in this society. My job is to inform you on the choices you have and help you to heal in a holistic and effective way avoiding future problems with your pelvic area as you get older.

I have seen many women in my practice that were left traumatised and suffering the consequences of medical interventions. Although interventions are sometimes necessary equally important is for women to receive appropriate postpartum care straight after any invasive procedure such as C-section, Episiotomy, Forceps and Ventouse to just name a few. I often see women who has been traumatised by their birth process.

What many women are not aware is that the trauma is not in the event necessarily but in the way their nervous systems react to an event. It is common to feel depressed, lost, exhausted, angry, irritable, shame, guilt, sad and many other emotional states due to childbirth trauma. It could be that you were not fully seen and supported appropriately after your surgery or medical care. There are other factors to be considered in childbirth trauma such as, as loss of control, loss of dignity, the hostile or difficult attitudes of the people around you, feelings of not being heard or the absence of informed consent to medical procedures.

Women's Sexuality - Psychosexual bodywork - Craniosexual® Therapy -

A world of vitality is available to any women looking into exploring their bodies, souls and sexuality in a way that differs from what the status quo tell us. Inspired by the transformation possible for women through psychosexual bodywork I developed a pioneering therapeutic approach for women I call Craniosexual® Therapy, it is a gentle way to realign your pelvic bowl physically, energetically and emotionally. It creates vitality, it awakens sensation in the body, aids fertility, supports recovery from birth and rekindle your libido and creativity. In Craniosexual® therapy I bring the sum of all my trainings, research, my life experience as a mother and a woman, and my discovery that my sexuality means a lot more than society tells us.

I work in my private practice in Earlsfield SW18, and in clinics in Oxford Street and Covent Garden, I am also available for home and hospital visits. To find out if I can help you please get in touch.

Looking forward in supporting you to heal and grow as a woman!

psychosexual bodywork wimbledon, pregnancy massage oxford street,Bond street, Mayfair Craniosacral therapy and Shiatsu in Wandsworth, , Earlsfield,Southfields, Wimbledon, Clapham and South West London

psychosexual bodywork wimbledon, pregnancy massage oxford circus, Craniosacral therapy and tantric massage in Wandsworth, Bond street, Mayfair,Covent Garden, Earlsfield, Southfields,Wimbledon, Clapham and South West London

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