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My name is Tânia Gallindo, and I am a Bodyworker qualified in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Holistic massage, Taoist/Tantric Massage and Baby Massage. I specialise in working with pregnancy and babies and women's sexual health. I have been working in this field now for 16 years.

What I offer you is an opportunity to journey into the presence of your own body, to become aware of a world you might not inhabit very often but is nonetheless there, alive in you, it is you. My sessions are supported by deep listening, compassion and stillness and a capacity to hold the space to whatever arises in each session.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy is extremely soothing and gentle and can help people in many ways. It is an ideal therapy for people who do not enjoy massage as well as for people recovering from surgeries and not able to move. Craniosacral can deeply support mother and baby during pregnancy, minimising or eliminating associated conditions. Babies that receive craniosacral therapy are likely to have a good start in life as it can help babies to release trauma and tensions related with pregnancy, birth and medical interventions.


The massage/bodywork I offer is based on my training in Shiatsu , martial arts, tantra massage and holistic massage with oils but my work is highly informed by the magic of craniosacral touch. I combine the the best techniques from all my trainings in massage, martial arts, meditation and craniosacral therapy to create a unique experience for you.

Baby Massage Classes

Touch is vital to the development of a child, especially if the child had a rough arrival. In many ways life begins and makes sense after we are touched with love. To be touched with love and care is to be deeply nourished. What better gift could a parent give to their children than a loving touch? Either in a one-to-one class or in a group I will get you in a calm and relaxed way in preparation to touch your baby. The secret of baby massage lies not in techniques but in listening to your heart and your baby's song. If your heart is involved in the touch you give your baby the techniques will flow beautifully. Read my Baby Massage project click here

Pregnancy Massage

The pregnancy massage I offer is based on my 3 years training in Shiatsu and 1 year post-grad in Shiatsu for maternity. It is essential to be massaged during pregnancy, increasing your chances to labour spontaneously without traumatic interventions for you and your baby.

Craniosexual Dynamic Sessions for Women

These sessions are a combining of bodywork, psychological process work based in my various trainings, especially Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy and Tantra. The aim is to bring awareness around the subject of sexuality in women's lives, through acknowledging the sacredness of our bodies, their sensations or lack of them. The real path for self-knowledge and therefore freedom, lies within mind, body, and soul. And to forge a new path skipping the subject of sexuality is to deny ourselves of the very life force that brought us forth into being.

Craniosexual Dynamics© Workshops for Women

CDWW is a space for women to contact their selves via their bodies, mind, sexuality and soul. I use various bodywork techniques such as meditation, contact improv, breathing exercises, exercises in water based in watsu and craniosacral therapy, visualisation, anatomy and physiology, psychological process work, craniosacral touch and many more. At the end of each day we practice healing touch on each other using elements of craniosacral touch. This workshop is ideal for Bodyworkers/therapists and women interested in their own self-development.

Housing your Shakti-Women's Gathering

This is a monthly women's gathering that takes place every month in London SW18. We practice various exercises based in tantra, meditations, rituals and many more. In Hinduism Shakti is the female principle of divine energy, it describes pure life force energy, the creative force at its highest level. Every gathering will have a different theme to it. The main idea is to call back our curious innocent selves forth. And like children explore our senses, our bodies and possibilities of movement guided by exquisite music supported by a community of women.

Clinic, Home and Hospital visits

You can book at treatment with me at my studio in Earlsfield SW18 close to wimbledon and southfields. I am also available for home and hospital visits in the following areas:

  • Wandsworth
  • Wimbledon
  • Southfields
  • Earlsfield
  • Clapham
  • Putney
  • South West London
  • Southfields
  • Southfields

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"Your hands are magic!"

Ananda S. Wolf

"Thank you very much for the simply wonderful Shiatsu treatment. It felt fantastic! I think you have a real gift for Shiatsu. I will certainly be making a return visit"

Annabel Hargrave, Active Birth and Yoga Teacher

"Tania my neck is so much stronger, it's nothing short of a miracle after 20 years of almost continual pain. I do believe that there is a little more work that is required on it but I rarely wake up in terrible pain, and I can rest on the side of my neck for a short period of time. The quality of my life has significantly improved, thanks to the 6 treatments that I've received from you, and I feel stronger and even more whole.


"Craniosacral with Tania has been for me and my children a very nourishing experience that has helped us through difficult times. She is a sensitive, gentle and skillful therapist. Her ability to connect with the energy flow in our bodies cannot be fully described in words, but the experiences we had were exceptionally profound and positive."

Raquel Pinto, Mother, Wandsworth

The massage skills we have learned with Tania has helped me to relax and ease my pains as the pregnancy progressed. It gave me and my husband a closeness which was really lovely."

Magda Attwater, Mother

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